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A Foundation Worth Raving About

Born This Way's consistency (excuse the veiny hands!) 

Because lots of people have been asking me what's going on with my face recently (in a good way - hurrah), I'm dedicating a post to my new HG foundation - Born This Way by Too Faced. I think after three months of testing it's safe to give it superstar status, no?!


Things I've Learnt in 2015

So, how did the last 365 days pan out for you? 2015 was an odd one for me. On the one hand, I've had some successes but at the same time, many frustrations.

If I step back though (and try not to have bitter feelings about the hard times), I've learnt lessons and have a lot to carry forward into the next chapter. I thought I'd share some of mine here for ya'll, in the hope that something inspires, resonates or at least - makes you think!

Jumping on the #2015bestnine bandwagon



It was love at first sight with this pair of heels when I spotted them on a photo shoot. Printed, monochrome AND pony hair? Now that combo will get my attention any day!