My Pet Hate

Before I even begin this post, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE leggings. They are so useful, they are that item of clothing you remember when you think: ‘oh I’ve got no jeans/trousers to wear with xyz – oh wait! Leggings exist!’ We’ve all had those fashion moments. They are perfect for layering under any outfit –> HOWEVER CAN I REPEAT PERFECT FOR LAYERING.

Leggings just don’t look nice worn by themselves, i.e. as trousers, i.e. the ONLY thing covering your bottom half. 95% of the time they are not flattering.

Some girls just don’t get this, so I’m going to be completely honest and to the point.

Its not even an issue of size, although it would help if some women (and teens, + parents dressing their children) also decided to cover up their stomachs (?!) including bulging love handles and bellies simultaneously with some kind of TOP (?!). Have some public decency.You know what I’m talking about. (bangs head on desk)

The worst thing is if you make the fashion faux-pas of wearing an absolutely horrific SEE-THROUGH PAIR, particularly walking on the way to a lecture COMPLETE with red and white underwear, cropped jacket and stiletto boots. (!?) This girl in question ruined my Thursday morning as I was so mentally scarred by her utter-stupidness I was laughing/cussing through the majority of my lecture with my friend.

Like I said previously, leggings are fine worn under other clothing, they are one of my wardrobe staples, but I’m a slim size 6/8 and I would never dare wear leggings alone! I’m just wondering, since when did leggings take the place of a good old pair of jeans or trousers in the nations wardrobes? Have we become so nonchalant as to not take the time to consider properly dressing our bottom halves?

Come on girls!


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