Beauty Review: Lush Henna ‘Caca’ Hair-Dye

I recently had a horrible experience at the hairdressers where they managed to dye my hair from blonde to black (not the requested light brown). I was truely disappointed because I had been going there for absolutely years, they didn’t have anything to say to me when they got it wrong. Since then I haven’t, won’t be going back there, and it’s left me with a fear of colouring my hair. It had taken over 4 months for the colour to fade to a dark brown, and a lot of my blonde highlights were coming through. It’s not that obvious to notice as my hair is quite curly, but still I felt like an alien creature.


Completely put off the hair dressers and chemical dyes, I was interested to stumble across a product from one of my favourite beauty shops LUSH on a recent shopping trip:

£7.25 for 325g (or 6 blocks as pictures aboved – I only used four and I have very long hair, but you can only buy in a block of 6. The other two I’m going to leave over just for conditioning purposes as it makes your hair so glossy)

What is this you may be wondering? Well, its Henna hair dye. After reading the description at home on the website I wanted to try it:

‘We use the finest Persian henna, which has been used since ancient times to dye the skin and hair. The leaves are dried and ground into a powder and it is this, mixed with conditioning cocoa butter, which forms the basis of our Cacas.’

‘…Henna coats each individual hair, smoothing the cuticles and protecting it from damage, it is the ultimate conditioning treatment. Hennaed hair is strong, glossy and absolutely gorgeous.’

There are four ‘cacas’ to choose from. Brun, which turns your hair a ‘rich coffee brown shade’, Marron, for a reddish-brown gloss, Noir, if you want dark blue-black tints, and Rouge for red-heads. 

I chose the Brun. Getting the block home and preparing it was quite fun! I grated four of the blocks into a bowl, added hot water, and had someone help me put it onto my hair. I left it on my hair for just under two hours then rinsed it off. 

I have to admit it did need quite a bit of rinsing, and I washed it twice yesterday because there were still little bits of henna in my hair after the first wash, but I do have to say the colour is lovely! It’s covered up my blonde streaks, and given me an all over dark brown colour. According to the sales staff, the colour takes almost a week to fully adjust to the hair, but it looks extremely natural and glossy (my hair never shines so this is a MASSIVE improvement).

One thing I was told is that once you use henna hair dye, it’s hard for the hair to go back to being treated with chemical dye. Not really a problem for me. I really love this stuff! Next time I may try one of the redder-shades if I want to lighten it up.

Really recommend giving this product a try. 


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