Playing The Waiting Game

Despite women traditionally being labelled as the indecisive sex, (to remind you – that IS sexist), I’m seeing more and more armies of indecisive men crop up around me day by day.

I’m talking about in relation to anything, what to eat, in love, relationships and sometimes (more worryingly, unless you are gay of course) what to wear. What to text, what to say. What happened to the Alpha Male personality? Today, men are turning into the stereotypical ‘fussy’ woman.

When it comes to relationships, a lot of the time us women like a bit of dominance. Despite being a bossy Lioness, I don’t want to be depended on to take the lead all the time. Sometimes I like being directed, not having to constantly make decisions for two people. It allows me time to breathe and relax.

Are you men scared of offending women if you wish to make choices? We are not dragons. We’d probably prefer if you’d man up a bit and start taking the lead a bit more. If you are unsure how we feel, why don’t you just *shock, horror* ASK? Are you too proud to reveal your actually unsure, that you haven’t got us completely figured out? Because believe me, we don’t begin to pretend to understand you.

So what makes you so special? Constant indecisiveness is annoying, and, when in love, a turn off and the cause of a lot of ‘trouble in paradise’. If your worried about what your woman will think, the easiest thing is to ask.

Sensitivity is a plus! Indecisiveness, the extreme opposite.

So take on some responsibility. What are you waiting for?


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