My first update from Singapore!

Well, its certainly been a while since I last updated – and I apologise. I do have what I believe to be a legitimate reason: I’ve emigrated! Yes, I am no longer living in the UK, but have moved abroad to sunny (sometimes) Singapore (a.k.a the lion city – appropriate non?) Although the move had been planned for a while, the last few weeks have been so hectic with arranging last minute flights, packing and seeing loved ones. 

I do have to admit its only been two weeks but I miss certain aspects of London. The climate here is very humid – I’ve learnt to appreciate air-con like never before. The bonus, however, is you can wear summer attire all year round. 

The beauty of this country is indescribable. Everywhere is so clean (mainly due to regulation laws – no littering, no chewing gum, no spitting, no eating or drinking on tubes, any of these would get you a £250+ fine). The climate is unpredictable at times; you definitely need to make sure you are carrying an umbrella at all times. Most of the locals even use theirs when the sun gets too hot. Travel is a quarter of what it costs in england (30-70p for a journey) on air conditioned public transport. No tube delays. Its a slice of heaven, and to be honest I’m still getting used to it!

Something that really hits you when you reach Singapore is the hype around retail culture. Shopping is actually more of a hobby for most Singaporeans and locals. There are malls, literally, EVERYWHERE, of Westfield-like proportions or greater. Open till late (some are even 24 hour) there are no lack of card-swiping opportunities here and you can find pretty much anything you could possible want. 

Finally, I have got internet access so I can start updating the blog regularly for the readers! I’ll leave you with some sight-seeing photos – I’ve been playing ‘tourist’ for the past two weeks! 


Meet Merlion, the national symbol of Singapore! 

View of the bay – Marina Bay – Clarke Quay

The malls here are something else!

Marina Bay view

Creative designs.


Marina Bay – yes, thats a hotel, and yes, thats a swimming pool on the roof. 

Indian Temple @ Chinatown

Waterfall in the mall. Casual.

Marina Bay: in front of the LV store. Stunning architecture. 

Boat ride through a mall: yet again – casual

And finally! Two of my favourite stores, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret! 


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