Cafe Recommendation: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Singapore

As you can imagine, moving to Singapore and adjusting to living here has meant getting familiar with local brands and chains of eateries. So…this weeks food post is dedicated to American coffee chain The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, that I have recently discovered in Singapore and fallen in love with! 

Now, as some readers will know, I don’t actually drink coffee, or tea! (only herbal), but I’m exceptionally partial to a bit of hot chocolate! Till recently, Starbucks has been my favourite (not as sweet as Costa and Nero), but let me tell you, the hot chocolate at TCB is most definitely giving Starbuck’s a run for their money in my books. I’ve become addicted to their ‘Hot Double Chocolate’, which you can also get with marshmallows! To me it is just the perfect chocolate, malt flavour – still not sickeningly sweet, but a perfect balance.

Not only is the hot chocolate delicious, its HUGE. I’ve just recently discovered there are different sizes, so I’ve started to order the small instead.

Another thing I also love about TCB is that they also serve a variety of food, ranging from brunches to freshly made cakes and main meals! Recently, I tried what is apparently a breakfast favourite, fresh waffles with fruit and whipped cream (to die for!)

For anyone visiting Singapore this chain is definitely a go-to! My favourite location so far has been in Marina Sands mall, where you can sit around the river flowing through the mall (normal!) and use a table buzzer for service from their friendly staff or to get your bill! 


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