Beauty Buzz – GUARDIAN Green Tea Facial Mask

I’m not usually one to blog about beauty products. Indeed, I’m not exactly one of those ‘soap and water’ girls but I’m not too big on using too many products either. For the past year, I’ve been using Dermalogica’a Microfoliant, Soothing Toner and Barrier Repair moisturiser. I don’t particularly use a cleanser! I went crazy with products in the past and I think it really irritated my skin – now I definitely have a ‘less is more’ attitude when it comes to skincare. 

However, in a quest to find home ‘spa’ products to pamper myself yesterday evening, I came across these inexpensive face masks (guardian drugstore’s own brand). 

Not only is the packaging cute as a button, the selling point of the mask for me was the key ingredient – Green Tea! I’m a strong believer of it’s health and beauty benefits and try to drink at least three cups a day. Green tea is also one of the main ingredients in my Dermalogica products, so I decided to test the mask out as it seemed it wouldn’t disrupt my normal beauty routine. 

The results are fantastic! After using for 15 minutes, my skin felt smooth, supple and was glowing. You are supposed to rub the residue from the mask into your face instead of washing off – I found this a bit strange at first, as I am actually used to physical face masks that you wash off. Also, I was apprehensive at first as I hadn’t used a mask in over six months. However, I’m pleased to say I’ve never gotten results from a product so quickly, and at $1.80 per pack, I’ll definitely be stocking up on these. (Also, none of the regular mess from usual masks! Just pop the sheet in the bin once your done – easy) I know this is just a GUARDIAN house-brand, but its a must buy!


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