Confessions of a Tech Junkie


Good evening. I have a funny anecdote to share. 

I was literally just at the cinema, and had finished watching Iron Man 3. As custom, once the credits run I get my phone out (my boyfriend and I always wait till the end of the Marvel movies for the sneaky previews)…and then…


I scramble through my bag. Heart pace quickening. Lack of light. Everything is a blur. I can hear my partner telling me to calm down in one ear, but my heart is pounding way too fast to notice. Needing light, I sprint down the steps to the fire exit to, well, get some damn light. Turn bag upside down – phone, still not there.

Run back in up the steps, my boyfriend has the phone in his hands. It had fallen out under the seat. Panic over.

Not for me. My heart was racing, I was a hot, sweaty mess. I clutch my phone, relief swamps over me and I start to calm, although I feel horribly nauseous.

Fast forward to my cab ride home. A moment of realisation hit me:


I just had a panic attack over a mobile phone.

Yes, a mobile phone. Losing my mobile phone, to be exact.

Needless to say I feel ashamed of myself. Slightly embarrassed that I’m sharing this with all of you. But this post does have a greater purpose – what does this mean?


I’m officially hyper-connected. Technology anxiety disorder. Android addiction. Whatever you want to call it, I’m officially hooked.

What would I do if I truly lost my Iphone? It contains my LIFE right? Photos, notes, emails, texts, phone book…..and then the second wave of realisation hit me. That this episode in the cinema was the saddest thing thats ever happened to me (sad as in ‘pathetic’ yo). 

But it seems I’m not the only one with a problem. Technology recovery programs have been set up in the U.K., the U.S, and, slightly closer to this part of the world, South Korea. Internet addiction has actually been cited as an official psychological disorder. It seems that the rises and advances in technology have made us virtually connected anytime, anywhere. 


It might scare you to know that, according to official Nielsen statistics, Singapore actually has the highest level of Internet penetration (fancy term for accessing in any form – smartphone, Mac, PC – if you seriously are still a PC user, pah) in South East Asia. Yes folks, consumption of digital media in Singapore is at record breaking levels. And you can see it everywhere around you, at any time of the day. On the MRT in the mornings, on lunch breaks, on the bus home. Everyone is face down, engage mobile phone. Walking and Whatsapp messaging go hand in hand these days (an acquired skill I have, admittedly, mastered). 

And here I am, online, writing this post. Online. And Whatsapping (verb creation). Something has to give. 

For this reason, this week I have decided to give myself a challenge. No, this isn’t going to be a ridiculously stupid challenge, like going COLD TURKEY

Ok, so I have to be practical about this. As a blogger, there are certain protocols I must follow to keep up with the Jones’. I will still have to write a post or two somewhere along the line. 

BUT, I am going to give up all social network sites on my mobile phone for the next week. I’m talking sticking to the basic functions. Minimal. Phone call. Texts. I’m deleting the Apps off as we speak (Ok, I will once I stop typing). 

But seriously, excuse the raw post, but my reaction really shocked me into thinking how ridiculous being so dependent on a damn mobile phone is. 

Hey! Whats even more ridiculous, is that Digital Detox Retreats have been set up worldwide to offer detox packages for holiday makers to restore their sense of calm and balance. Read all about that HERE. 

Until then, you won’t find me on Instagram. I won’t be on Facebook, Twitter, Keeking, Tumblring, or Linkedin-ing. (I promise). 

See you on the other side.


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