Travelling to Hong Kong: An Ode to Stanley

Theres nothing quite like the breathtaking vista of the Stanley peninsula, Hong Kong. 
The seaside town of Chek Chue – the Chinese name of the original village-town – has so much character, as does the rest of Hong Kong, however I find it a refreshing break from the concrete jungle of central. 

Theres a quaint little market on Stanley New Street, where you can find all sorts of food, trinkets and gifts to take home. The Main Beach & St. Stephens Beach are both worth a visit for their golden sands and views of the coastline. On a quiet day its exceedingly peaceful, and I could just sit there for hours, daydreaming. When I first visited, the views looked so strikingly Mediterranean in the sunshine – flat top cream villas, colourful flora and lush greenery – I honestly had to do a double-take. 

Needless to say, in recent years Stanley has become the haunt of tourists and the luxury living area of the expat community, but it still retains a traditional charm, with its scattering of pre-war architecture. If you can, try and visit in the early morning/early afternoon on a weekday to avoid any crowds.

Stanley is definitely my ‘happy place’ in Asia. So, if your visiting HK, hop onto a 260 bus from central. This is the cheapest and best way in, plus you get the best views on the approach. 

**I forgot to add that these pictures were taken in early December, as I usually pass through on the way back to London for Christmas. Still great weather with wonderful sunshine.

The beginning of the market
It wasn’t a huge fashion moment, no. But it was a happy moment…at Stanley Main Beach. 
Breathtaking views 
Approaching the cove, Stanley. View from the bus. 
Truly Expat Living


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