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Natural Beauty Finds
Natural Beauty Finds

Andrea Claire, Celebrity Hair & Make-up Artist in Singapore, Shares Her Beauty Routine & Favourite Products

When it comes to hair and beauty tips, Andrea is your go-to for expert advice
Andrea Claire is a licensed hairstylist & makeup artist with over 23 years of professional experience in the fashion & beauty world. She moved to Singapore in 2007, having previously done 7 seasons of Canadian TV makeover shows. In Asia, she has featured in 2 seasons of a beauty tip-based online program for Yahoo Asia, made guest appearances on many TV shows including Asia’s Next Top Model for Tresemme, worked on countless editorials and beauty spreads for key fashion titles, and is generally the go-to beauty expert for fashion shoots around the region!

Online, she shares her expertise on her blog, www.andreaclaire.onsugar.com, where as well as documenting her latest beauty finds she has the occasional rant about industry and media news. You can also find her on her official Facebook Page, on Instagram as well as tweeting away at as @globalbeauteh on twitter.

Andrea Claire Favourite Products

Q. Hey Andrea! You're originally from Canada. How have you adjusted your beauty routine to Singapore's humid climate?

Believe it or not my makeup routine has barely changed! The biggest beauty issue for me personally is hair. I've had to adjust my hair routine - Humidity and sun is a killer and if you are a swimmer, chlorine too. I love Aveda’s sun care protective hair veil for those times when I will be by the pool or gallivanting about Universal Studios etc… I spray it on Zoie’s (my 5 year old daughter's) hair too.

For anti-frizz blowouts I prefer Marc Anthony’s Bye Bye Frizz blowout cream mid-lengths to ends and for added volume I will use Original Mineral Rootalicious.

Jonathan Product IB Shield Humidity Lock-out Shine Spray is a god-send to protect your hair from the humidity. I used this on a Clear Shampoo campaign. The models’ hair didn’t frizz up while we were shooting outside - I ordered in 5 cans the next day!

I use Original Mineral Detox shampoo & conditioner at least once a week to clean my hair of chlorine and environmental build up.

I also get detox scalp treatments from Phyto Hair Science since sebum is in excess with the humid climate here and this clears the follicle to promote healthy hair growth - something we also need to be aware of when we have ageing hair. Sigh…

I believe that in Singapore, women get hair-shamed too often into rebonding and Brazilian Blowout services but if you are patient with your daily hair routine, you don’t need to invest time and money into those unless you really want that look.

Q. What are your recommended products for looking great in the heat?

You need makeup products that have great staying power and there are so many! Start with skincare which is key and many women do need to adjust theirs for Singapore. SK II and Dermalogica are the top two brands I use daily. Also Skin Inc, a local brand I use is amazing! For a more affordable brand, you could try SkinFood from Korea.

I avoid powder foundations because they coagulate with oily / sweaty skin. Instead, I think a breathable liquid for your skin type is best. My faves are FACEatelier, LuView BB Cream and Armani.

MAC Cosmetics has always had the best powder eyeshadows in my opinion. Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows are wicked on their own or as a base to hold powders – I think everyone should own 'Birthday Suit', it’s a great colour for all skin tones!  A cheap & cheerful alternative are the Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoos – LOVE those too.

So the recipe – sunscreen, a great skincare, primer which helps your makeup last longer, foundation base, eye shadow primers, and possibly a smudgeproof/waterproof mascara. The rest is gravy.

I also get my eyelashes dyed blue/black at Browhaus. This acts as a great mascara base or even enables you to skip mascara altogether. I don’t care who you are or what colour your skin is, I believe Blue/Black is best for everyone. It has depth and lasts much longer - plain black is too flat, brown is boring. 

Q. What products do you swear by? 

I have so many that I love. To list them would be overkill. Most of the brands I use are high end luxury because they deliver!

A summary of my daily go-to makeup routine:

Skincare: Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Smoothing Cream, Mulitvitamin Powerfirm eye cream, SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer

Foundation: From my favourites - depending on the finish I want is Armani Maestro, LuView BB Cream or FACE atelier foundation.

Concealer: Benefit Fake Up in light.

Blush: MAC’s Supernatural, MAC’s Antonio Lopez Coral or MAC Cremeblend in Pony with Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze (I don’t wear all of these at once!!)

Q. Any pro beauty tips & tricks you care to share?

1. Invest in your skin. It’s worth it. I get facials regularly – not as often as I would like but at least 4 times a year. My favorite for me is the RF Facial with the RF eye treatment at Qi MantraBut, I have indulged in the Madonna facial at SCUUBE the Apothecary actually called the Dr Brandt Oxygen facial and of course Dermalogica facials at Aster Spring.

2. Clean your make-up brushes!!! 

3. Put in Hippos into your makeup kits. The humid climate will infest your makeup with mould.

4. For hair, don’t let stylists bully you into expensive treatments by saying your hair is ‘frizzy’ and avoid being attacked by texturizing sheers and razors which can actually contribute to frizzy hair. They are useful in moderation. I use these techniques on clients, not on all of them and only when the cut warrants it!


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