Getting organised with my new Filofax Original

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a complete stationery freak. Combine that with an almost irrational obsession for pink products, et voila – the A5 Filofax Original in the most gorgeous hot pink shade

But why such a bright diary, I imagine you thinking? And so, an anecdote: Susannah leaves diary [somewhere] in office. Susannah panics when home and asks colleague if they’ve seen diary. Colleague asks Susannah to describe diary. Susannah muddles on about diary having pictures of dogs on cover. Colleague can’t see it. Susannah hot foots it back to office only to find diary on a different desk, with illustrations of people on it, NOT DOGS. 

My resolution(s): must purchase diary that is a) easily describable during said hectic situations and b) one with a design I cannot mis-describe or get, well, wrong and c) one that is SO bright – almost to the point of vulgarity – that I won’t, I can’t ignore it. And its working. Just scroll down and look at all those artful and awfully productive-looking scribbles. 

I’m starting to think that many people were on the same wavelength as me with this little number, as its often sold out across the island, but you can try your luck at any of their stockists, or, failing that, opt for an equally lurid shade.


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