Where to buy and sell designer bags, clothes and accessories in Singapore

Let’s face it – we all love a little designer splurge here and there.

But luxury purchases being, well, expensive, we need to be a little selective over what we fork out our hard-earned cash for.

That’s why I love vintage designer. Not only do I adore second-hand bags for their worn in look (Confession: I wait so long to wear in a new bag that I become impatient to the point that I sometimes forcefully rub the patina) I also love the discounted price tag.


Yes, I’ll admit it: I’m a girl on a budget. But hey, I’ve got to work with what I’ve got – and that means bargain hunting till the cows come home. But with full-time work on my plate, I’m continually finding myself with less free time to visit the shops (although if you are able, I’d recommend heading over to Dustbunny Vintage in Bukit Merah for some superb second-hand designer bag steals – see my review of the store here.)

So, I’ve increasingly been going online to hunt for deals, from sales on TheOutnet.com or Shopbop.com, to shopping Ebay Singapore, which I have to say, is dreadful – officially no-one here seems to use Ebay, so I wouldn’t bother looking there. I’ve scored one or two great pieces on the international sites, but locally my luck has run rather dry.


That was till I came across this little bamboo beauty from StyleTribute.com. Yes – this is a vintage Gucci bamboo piece, and I managed to bag it for an obscenely cheap S$140. The condition was excellent, with no obvious wear and tear. It’s also very sturdy, and the perfect size for my wallet, phone, keys and make-up.

As you can tell, I’m a very happy customer. If you haven’t already visited their website, I thoroughly recommend you take a look – they have some of the best discounts I’ve seen for a pre-loved website in a long time. All of their pieces are also in either good or excellent condition, so you don’t have to worry you are buying anything shabby, and theres always their 7 day free returns policy to fall back on.

If you’re looking to sell your designer or pre-loved luxury goods (be it bags, accessories or clothing) you can contact their team at sell@styletribute.com and they’ll carry out the whole selling process for you – all you’ll have to do is sit back and wait for your cheque once your item has sold.

Another pre-loved online destination is roberaiders.com, and their prices are equally tempting and they have a great selection from what I’ve seen by stalking their instagram.

So there you have it – my discounted designer recommendations. Get clicking now!



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