Chic Stays: Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Resort, Krabi

Before I took this trip, I’d been craving a beach break for a long while (my idea of a proper holiday is typically British – sun, sea and sand, on repeat!) Living in Singapore the past three years, I’d had my fill of short-escape city breaks which, although often a lot of fun, end up just being shopping/eating/market excursions, and do a bit more damage to my bank balance than I’m comfortable with (*ahem* Bangkok!)

I was quite keen to visit a different part of Thailand, and so my boyfriend and I settled on a five day break in Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Hotel in Krabi, after reading up on lots of reviews. We bought the package (flights, hotel and breakfast included) through Expedia, and flew with Tiger, which was actually just over an hours flight, so super quick.

Navigating our way out of Krabi’s tiny airport was very easy, and we booked and prepaid a taxi van at the airport to our hotel (this cost us 800 baht, about 34 SGD) but it is over an hours drive, as the hotel is on a secluded beach right on the coast.

The hotel itself is boutique size, and absolutely beautiful. We could quickly see why they call it the ‘Sunset’ hotel, as you’re treated to full blown sunsets with unobstructed views every single evening. We stayed in a poolside room as none of the beach villas (pictured above) were available when we booked, but I would have stayed in one if I could! Not that the poolside room wasn’t nice, it’s just for the experience sake. All of the staff are very polite and helpful too for anything you need (our TV suddenly switched off/semi-exploded at 11pm at night, and they came and gave us an immediate replacement!)

Breakfast is held in an indoor/outdoor pavilion with beautiful sea views, and has a nice spread of good food. There are healthy options (fresh fruit, cereal/muesli, natural yoghurt) and cooked breakfasts everyday (eggs how you like, Asian options, fantastic bacon and veggies etc). When I visited there were a mix of visitors including couples and families with older and small children, but given the fact it is a boutique hotel it and the beach never feel crowded in the slightest. We ate dinner either at the hotel restaurant (not as pricey as I thought it would be for a hotel) or one of the thai restaurants down the beach (for the life of me I can’t remember the name, but if you head out on the beach and turn left and walk five minutes down, there is a local restaurant there where I ate the best Thai food of literally my entire life!)

As this was our ‘relaxing’ holiday break, we pretty much spent our time sunbathing, reading, swimming and exploring the coast. The tide goes out in the afternoon and you see all sorts of cool oceanic life,  including many starfish, crabs and fish which is really cool. The hotel let you take canoes out for free (note: and they provide life jackets), or you can book with one of the boat tours down the beachfront who will take you on an island tour of your choice – these are really popular and good for day trips.

On the days you’d like to head into Krabi town (which is about a 45 minute drive away by taxi) you can book a return trip through the hotel, or a one way option. This cost us about 600 – 800 baht, but we made it worth our while as we stayed the whole day exploring the town – to be honest, I don’t feel like we needed more than one day as it’s not that expansive.

Overall for those looking for a get-away-from-it-all experience, I’d thoroughly recommend this hotel and would definitely visit again. I travelled in February (peak season and best weather period with minimal rain) but still got a pretty good price deal!





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    Amazing amazing resort!!

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    Looking fabulous pictures are perfect at every shot wonderful share in the post

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    Great blog with stunning pictures amazing resort thanks for the share

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