A Foundation Worth Raving About

Born This Way’s consistency (excuse the veiny hands!) 

Because lots of people have been asking me what’s going on with my face recently (in a good way – hurrah), I’m dedicating a post to my new HG foundation – Born This Way by Too Faced. I think after three months of testing it’s safe to give it superstar status, no?!

To be honest, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with foundation throughout the years. I cringe back at pictures taken when I was 15, where I look a ashen shade of white (wrong colour, did I even have eyes??) or pictures in university where I’m simply wearing…far too much. Ergh.

Throughout my early twenties, I gave up on foundation altogether, opting for concealer coverage with the occasional bit of pressed powder, bronzer and mascara. Great on good skin days, but on bad skin days, concealer could end up looking patchy and it would take me ages to apply just right.

(side note: you’d think with a couple of close friends who are actually full-time makeup artists I would have known better right? Right?! Nope.) 

Coupled with that, I’ve never had flawless skin. I’ve battled with breakouts throughout the years – my skin went haywire after moving to Singapore in particular – but now thankfully (touch wood) I just get the occasional blemish here and there. I think it’s been a mixture of finding the right cleanser (Philosophy’s Purity 3 in 1 – I’ll preach about that in another post) and cutting out oil makeup removers (I used to use MAC and Shu’s, and since I’ve stopped my reoccurring strange spots have just become a thing of the past. Perhaps oil just isn’t for me?) As we all find, having better skin makes putting makeup on that much easier, so it’s actually meant I’ve been more open to experimenting more with products.

Which lead me on to….discovering my new favourite base.

It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon, in a warehouse at a Sephora press day when I first laid eyes on the new (cosmetic) love of my life.

Wandering over to the Too Faced counter just as I was leaving the event, I learnt they were launching Born This Way for the first time, swatch testing and handing out free samples. Reluctantly (I say that as I really wasn’t in the mood for their perfectly preened staff staring up close at my tired, lacklustre complexion), I let one of their lovely representatives swatch test a shade to my skin, was handed a beautiful frosted glass bottle (isn’t the packaging lovely?) and went on my way.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later, with a few important events coming up, that I actually thought of trying the product out. Applying it with a beauty blender, at first use I was struck (positively) by a few things:

– It felt really hydrating and didn’t look cakey at all, despite looking like quite a dense liquid formula.
– It made my skin feel really comfortable and balanced, and like I wasn’t wearing anything.
– In one light application, it did an amazing job at evening out my skin tone, including any blemishes or old scarring.

And I was slightly miffed by one detail:

– The rep had obviously applied the foundation in bad lighting, and it was just a shade too dark for me (Sand). It would be fine with a tan though, so I’ve kept it.

But overall, I was so over the moon with the way my skin was looking, I decided to continue using it – that is, after hunting down my correct shade, Natural Beige, which at the time was completely sold out in all Sephora branches across the island (a make up artist friend had to pick some up for me from Bangkok on her way back from a trip!)

Even after great results though, I was still slightly dubious. As I have quite sensitive (read: annoying) skin prone to redness that can react to things quite easily, I was sure continuous use of this would break me out. But lo and behold, using it five or six days a week and despite being in and out of air-con, taxis, running around to events, on photo shoots and more, I’d hazard to say my skin condition has actually improved. Result! I’m going to put this down to the fact that the formula is oil-free, and contains coconut water to replenish moisture, alpine rose to brighten and hyaluronic acid to smooth and hydrate. It’s also available in 18 shades including lots of darker tones, which is pretty decent for a foundation range in my books.

Anyhoo, that’s my secret out. Discovered a great foundation or makeup base recently? I’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, I thoroughly recommend giving this one a go!


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