Recently I was looking for something different and creative to do with my other half, and when I heard about Fictive Finger’s printmaking workshops through the grapevine, it definitely sounded like a welcome change from our usual brunch, dinner or movie dates! Also, as someone who loves art and getting my fingers dirty, I couldn’t wait to try my hand at something I’ve not done before – silk screen printing.

Fictive Fingers is a handprinted textile studio founded in 2008 and run by two lovely sisters, Hani and Aisah Dalduri, and both are deeply invested in the idea of the importance of handmade products and the beauty of print design. As well as educating the world about this through their beautiful instagram feed and selling lovingly hand-printed products online, they also run a range of classes. Their Fabric Printing Basics class is held at their shophouse studio near Geylang, where they teach you the basic principles of screen printing. Thankfully, you don’t need any prior experience and all materials are provided!

I documented my experience – as well as a sneak peek of their studio – in the pictures that follow. I ended up creating an animal print design (typical me!) in bright pink and lilac shades, which is now waiting to be framed for our living room. 🙂

The process was definitely harder than it looks. I found applying the right, even pressure at the printing stage particularly difficult, which meant some of my patterns transferred unevenly and so looks patchy in places, but overall I was happy with the outcome. Also, it’s amazing how therapeutic a few hours of just creating art can be – I thoroughly recommended the experience.

First things first, creating the stencil template
A selection of silk-screen paints used
Applying the right amount of pressure the transfer the ink through the silk screen can be tricky! Practice makes perfect…
Getting used to lining up the block just right on the fabric can take some time, especially for newbies (like moi)
A sweet array of beautiful prints and textures – needless to say their whole studio is insta-worthy
One of Fictive Finger’s popular Signature Pouches
I love how they’ve reprinted the bar stools in their workshop – so chic!
A snapshot of their printed kimonos – sold on site (but in popular demand!)

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