About This Blog

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A Fashionable Leo is a creative space which has grown to focus on emerging, sustainable and ethically-made products. In a nutshell, it champions buying pieces that you can wear and use with a conscience.

It advocates living a bit more simply, and shopping more mindfully.

It springs from a passionate belief that the retail industry can exist far more responsibly than it does now.

It’s here to help you discover amazing conscious brands producing quality, luxurious and beautiful items for your wardrobe and beauty cupboard, and to inspire you to think more about where your products come from.

About The Author

Originally from the UK, my name is Susannah and I’ve been living in Singapore for the past few years working at a great magazine and doing a bit of exploring around Asia along the way. I live here with my boyfriend and adopted rescue dog Doodle (the latter who you’ll probably see pop up on my insta quite often!)

By day, I work as Creative Director and Fashion & Beauty Editor at Expat Living Publications, where I get to write about covetable garms, test out cool (and some not so cool) beauty products, style and direct fashion shoots (my favourite thing) and interview some pretty awesome and inspiring people along the way.

In my spare time, I’m a big advocate for conscious brands paving the way forward for a more positive retail industry, and feature my discoveries here on this blog.


What’s with the name??

Basically, A Fashionable Leo was a little moniker given to me by pals back home, which (predictably) combines my horoscope sign with one of my major interests. It’s that simple, really 🙂